Commercial and Property Expert Witness Reports


Tapp CS produce provide property expert witness reports that will resolve disputes of land, property as well as commercial concerns.

These include boundary disputes in addition to building disputes. Also dilapidations, housing disrepair as well as a variety of property related disputes.

We have many years resolving disputes quickly coupled with experience of litigation and court proceedings should you need them.


Property expert witness reports that provide facts and evidence that is independent and unbias.


Now you can be clear on what to do next. All property expert witness reports should comply with the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors guidelines as well as procedural rules.


To contact us about a commercial or property expert witness report simply call us on 0113 243 0920 or fill in the online form on the contact us page.


We cover commercial and property concerns such as:

  • Land and property values.
  • Boundary disputes.
  • Building disputes.
  • Dilapidations.
  • Housing disrepair.
  • Other property related disputes.

Property Expert Witness Reports of Dilapidations


Dilapidations are breaches of lease agreements in relation to the condition of a property during the term of the tenancy. Also in some circumstances be when the lease ends.

A Dilapidations property expert witness report should list outstanding repair, reinstatement as well as legal compliance. Also, it should list remedial works and can, in some cases, estimating the cost of the works. This property expert witness report is for the landlord after the end of the lease. It should include details of what is the likely loss as a consequence of the alleged breaches. The loss may be different to the cost of the works that will be on the Schedule of Dilapidations.

We recommend a surveyor respond on behalf of the tenant. The surveyor should act quickly to resolve the dispute.


Boundary Dispute Property Expert Witness Reports


The red line on the Land Registry only shows the general boundary and does not define the exact legal boundary. A boundary can change over time for many reasons. Not keeping a record of these changes can lead to disputes.

A minor disagreement of neighbouring boundaries can quickly become a headache which involves solicitors’ letters and threats of court action. It pays to think hard before rushing into legal action as costs could spiral out of control. Tapp CS seek to resolve a dispute speedily and successfully with our expert report and advice.

When a chartered surveyor provides a property expert witness report we suggest you check the following.

  • Are they experts in boundary work?
  • Having experience in mapping and land surveys?
  • Have they used aerial photographs?
  • Do they know the latest civil procedure rules?
  • Have they experienced in preparing property expert witness reports for court?
  • Do they have experience of property expert witness reports in court?

In the property expert witness report, the surveyor should survey the land, check deeds as well as the plans attached to them. Also, they should refer to historical documents as well as aerial photographs. When the parties or court agree the surveyor will mark out your boundary line. The surveyor will look at any fence or wall to ensure there are no further disagreements. A good surveyor will submit a new plan of the agreed boundary to the Land Registry as a Boundary Agreement.


Contact us about a property expert witness report simply call us on 0113 243 0920 or fill in the online form on the contact us page.


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