Commercial Property Valuation and RICS Dispute Resolution

Tapp Chartered Surveyors have many years experience of commercial property valuation reports in Leeds, Harrogate, York, Huddersfield and other Yorkshire areas for internal accounting and legal purposes. Our valuations team has over 22 years experience and knowledge in RICS disputes resolutions, appraising hundreds of properties a year in and around Leeds areas.

Tapp is specifically asked by solicitors to act as an expert witness on valuation and commercial property litigation matters, giving all parties involved peace of mind that the valuation report and advice that they can rely on.

We offer a forward-thinking approach to commercial real estate valuation offering specialist advice for banks, building societies, property companies, family trusts, large corporations and SMEs.

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Commercial Property Valuation Services

Our clients come to us for our specialist sector and local knowledge of Leeds and surrounding regional areas. Tapp Chartered surveyors take pride in attention to detail, valuing any asset regardless of size or complexity, for any purpose.

Our commercial property valuation expertise encompasses all the major commercial sectors in Leeds. This includes:

  • Retail sector
  • Industrial sector
  • Office sector
  • Residential development and investments

For more information on how our commercial property valuation team can help, please complete the form on the contact us page and we will be in touch or call on (0)113 243 0920.

Why carry out Commercial Property Valuation.

Valuation is a vital part of business property transactions and ownership and is needed in business in many ways to speed up processes and avoid confusion.

Keep Up-To-Date with the valuation of your commercial property

As a business changes directors or shareholders, a will need a full up-to-date valuation will save time and money. For the commercial land and buildings to be valued at the current market value you will need an experienced external valuer regulated by RICS.

Not having an up-to-date valuation at hand can cores delays and frustrations when negotiation or agreements need to be made.

Securing Loans

As with all business they outgrow and expand and securing a loan means requiring more money than you have. To secure a loan from a Bank, they almost certainly will first secure a loan against your business premises and will get a valuation from a registered RICS valuer. Having a valuation report in-advance of speaking to your bank manager should help speed up the process of borrowing funds.

Commercial Property Valuation of  freehold premises in the event of ‘End of lease repairs’

When your lease of your freehold commercial premises comes to an end your landlord may make a claim for dilapidations (repairs required during or at the end of a tenancy or lease), depending on the repairing liabilities of your lease. The laws can be found in Section 18 (1) of the Landlord and Tenant’s Act 1927 and ensures that the cost of repairs can’t be more than how much the property value has been reduced by. Having a commercial property valuation report will confirm that there has been a loss or not. For more information on Government Landlord and Tenant’s Act click here.

Commercial property valuation for Inland Revenue

When a share or entire ownership of a property is transferring ownership the Inland Revenue stamp duty requires being paid and the amount depends upon the valuation. Also if you sell your business premises the Inland revenue need a formal valuation to calculate any capital gains.

To contact us about a commercial property valuation, RICS adjudication or RICS arbitration simply call us on 0113 243 0920 or fill in the online form on the contact us page.

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